Values Degerlerimiz

Our Vision and Values


We are in all the stages of the life with innovative solutions by increasing the quality of life in healthcare

We, as the members of Eczacıbaşı,
We hold our dignity and self-respect above all else. Ethical business principles underpin our business lives.
Our management style respects the individual. We believe that each of us has the right to learn about issues that affect us and to voice our opinions on these. 
We regard challenging our personal limits and developing our abilities as our duty, as well as our right.
We believe that quality is a way of life. In all that we do, in every product and service we provide, we aim for the highest level of quality. Our customer is the focal point of this pursuit of quality.
We are open to the world and to change; by nature we are pioneering and entrepreneurial. The search to innovate in every area of activity is a fundamental aspect of our corporate tradition.
We uphold the tradition of serving our community because we esteem our society and respect our environment. We are proud of the contributions that we have made to culture and the arts, education, science and sports. 
We recognize that participatory management gives each of us the responsibility of working forcefully towards the objectives and goals of our institution. We are careful to observe the rules of our work environment as we understand that this reflects our respect for our colleagues.